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Freestyle soccer

so that even more young people can experience high-quality training

(and they're free too)

Youth clinics: Amenities

community PROGRAMS

We know that many players miss out on our clinics simply because they can’t access our space. These programs happen through partnerships with local organizations that have established, trusted, positive relationships with young people – whether they be schools, churches, mosques or temples, community based organizations or just a group of organized folks looking to create an opportunity for young people.

community Programs examples

La Finca afterschool soccer club at Rondout Valley Middle School

For up to 30 middle-schoolers, aged 9 - 12, our after-school club teaches fundamental soccer techniques in a fun and rigorous curriculum designed for first-time players.


La Finca at Kingston High School (Drop-ins welcome.)

In partnership with Lights On Kingston, we offer our Pickup Clinic to up to 80 young people from the school and surrounding community. This program is open to players aged 5 - 16.

Want to partner with La Finca on an Off-Site/Community Program?

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