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Age and size are not the key factors in our clinics

The Design Ages listed below apply in most cases but should be read as suggestive


LEVEL I Clinics

Designed for Ages 5 - 8 

Focus   Achieve ball comfort - the feeling of ease and joy manipulating the ball with both feet.

Players must graduate from Level I being invited to our Level II clinics. By starting young enough this can happen between the ages of 6 and 7, though for players who started later or need more time it is also possible to continue with Level I clinics past 8 years old.


LEVEL II Clinics

Designed for Ages 6 - 9

Focus  Master ball control - being confident taking on defenders in 1v1 situations, juggling and other skill moves.

Older players can stay in Level II clinics until ball mastery is achieved.


Designed for Ages 9 - 12

This is our highest level of clinic training, reserved for top level young futbolers. Most Level III clinics are for players 9 to 12, though at times, when our player community warrants such a program, we will offer Level IIIs to younger age groups. 

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