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Our official tryouts for the 2024-25 season have concluded. Nonetheless, if you are interested in an off-season tryout, simply email us to schedule a time to attend a team training session. We keep purposefully light rosters so there is always room for an additional player if the fit is just right. 

Youth clinics: Amenities

Birth Years for 2024-2025 season

All players must register for tryouts by birth year (even if you hope to "play up")

  • U8  Registration for birth year's 2017 & 2018

  • U9  Registration for birth year 2016

  • U10 Registration for birth year 2015

  • U11  Registration for birth year 2014

About our Tryouts

We encourage all families to review information about our club program prior to attending tryouts. You likely want to know -where we train and play games, -who our trainers are, and -something about the focus of our club All of this information can be found below or in other sections of our site.​ Our tryouts are designed to give your player a real feel for the experience of being a player on one of our teams. -The actual trainers your child would work with all year will be running the sessions, -The style of the sessions will introduce you to our focus on fun, technical expertise and tactical understanding, and lastly -our current club players will be present so you and your child will have a sense of their potential teammates  ​The training session lasts about 40 minutes and then the kids will continue to play under the guidance of our junior trainers while our senior staff is available to meet with new families and answer any questions you may have.

About La Finca Futbol Club

We're a little different. We're a family-friendly, fun-focused club that also trains for excellence and highest level competition. And our club program is limited to U8 - U11. For players who age out of our club program we facilitate transfers to other regional clubs that are well vetted and respect our approach to development. All of our teams are co-ed and we only enter teams in the competitive divisions of the EDP/NYCS league. This means we will not field teams if we think they are not up to premier-level play.  This isn't because we're snobs. We've found that the clubs in this league tend to have much better field conditions and we think this matters, even or especially for young kids. We want them learning real futbol not needing to kick aerial balls because the ball won't roll true. We've also found that more of these clubs share our focus on individual over team development. This is key to setting a healthy developmental environment. Importantly, our club program is an extension of our training pools. This means, some players are invited to train with us but not into our club program.  Training players train with our teams. We find this creates the most rich environment for everyone's growth.  Lastly, we keep intentionally small rosters on our teams to ensure lots of playing time. All young players need to be playing a lot. This does mean we expect a strong commitment from families to attend all games and tournaments.


We train almost exclusively in our mini-pitch facility in Ulster Park. This facility offers one indoor, 70'x85' turf pitch and one outdoor, 60'x85' turf pitch. This means our practices are never cancelled. ​ We play home games at the Rosemary Nardone Soccer Complex, a terrific, appropriately sized natural grass pitch in Highland, NY.  The complex is roughly 15 minutes from our training facility. We train here a few times throughout the season, as well.


Probably the single most important element of any club, we take training style very seriously. In fact, we are as committed to trainer selection and continued development as we are to our players, but that's a longer story. Every player in our club will be trained by the same core team of Lead and Junior Trainers. These are Alan O'Keeffe, Liam Witham and Imari Harris. Every player will also have experience with guest trainers throughout the season.

If you have any questions not answered above, please email us anytime.

we will reply within 24 hrs

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