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Youth clinics: Amenities


Our clinics aim to unleash

the creative potential

of all young futbolers


Every season we offer a range of clinics to create a pathway from beginner to top level competitor

all within the same club environment



1. OPEN Clinics

Designed primarily for players under 8, though also open to older players needing more time with the fundamentals of ball mastery. Most first-timers to La Finca start here.

2. INVITATION-ONLY Clinics, pre-teen

We build a variety of these clinics seasonally to meet the needs of our experienced young players, including our top-level playing opportunities.

3. INVITATION-ONLY Regional Training Center, 13+

For older, competitive players only. Designed for academy and other highest-level players looking for supplemental training to refine their game.

4. PRIVATE Clinics

These are not level-specific. Some players simply prefer the one-on-one or small group format. Others are looking to work on a particular area of their game. Choose a private clinic to get the attention you need.


open clinics

Guardian and Me, recommended for 3-4 year olds

In this program you'll learn fun and easy games to play with your young child using a soccer ball. Your child will improve their balance, agility and concentration and, hopefully, they will develop a love for the ball, because that’s the foundation of futbol development. 

Early Youth Clinic, recommended for 5-7 year olds

This program is for the young player with a modest experience level. It introduces a range of ball mastery moves, agility and conditioning exercises and light competition and team building activities. The age range is just suggestive. Slightly younger and older are welcome.

Targeting Technique, recommended for 8-12 year olds

This program is for the young, experienced player needing an intensive focus on technical refinement. 


All winter clinics held at RAW Athletics
150 Bedell Ave, Highland, NY

By-invitation clinics

Very Young Players (VYPs)

Exclusively for advanced 7-9 year old players, VYPs provides challenging technical and tactical instruction to experienced players. Despite their age, all players in this program are expected to exhibit high level ball control. The environment of this program will teach competitive level play in a fun environment, developmentally appropriate for the age group. 

La Finca Team Training 

For players on the La Finca 2013s team and invited players. 

Regional Training Center 

Our most advanced program for players at least 13 years old, RTC is meant for advanced travel and academy level players looking to take their game to the next level. Sessions led by our most experienced staff and may include guest players with professional experience.

Private & small group CLINICS

Private Supplemental Training

Intensive sessions targeting key aspects of your game. 

1-4 players. 

$50 per player for 1-2 players, $35 per player for 3 or 4

Conditioning & Agility

We believe that technical development is the foundation of athletic ability in soccer, but it’s not everything. And at some point in your skill development you realize your sheer physical limitations. These sessions focus on the key athletic abilities of top-level soccer players and promise to increase the speed and strength of all your moves.

$50 per player per session

Learn to Juggle

Juggling is an excellent way to develop your touch. So much so that it’s an essential skill for any top-level player. Our program breaks juggling down to a series of very simple steps to get you going. And then it’s up to you how far you go. Because juggling is an example of pure technical development, we recommend an intensive training schedule in the beginning of at least 3 sessions per week for 2 weeks, with additional at-home practice.

$10 per session, $50 for a 6 class pack

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