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Whether your child starts playing in our early youth programs or not, to benefit from our clinics a player must already have developed a modest level of ball comfort. You might be wondering, How is this possible if they haven't ever done our clinics? The answer is, self-training. We offer several FREE self-training programs to help get players ready for our clinics. Even our advanced clinic players, at all levels, would benefit from self-training. It's important to understand the limits of clinic training. For real development, players must play far more outside of clinic times than in them.

Though our clinics programs don't start until a player turns 5 (with exceptions for advanced players), we offer programs for children as young as 3. The difference is our Guardian & Me classes for 3 and 4 year olds require guardian participation and they are about adult education as much as player development. At this age, and it's the right age to start, caregivers are the key influence. This is both because children this age are generally more comfortable with a family member or close adult friend and because the family is the key to early youth development. Our early youth programs, therefore, aim to teach the caregivers how to "play soccer" with their children in a way that is both fun and effective for soccer development.

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