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School's Out Nov. 7 is for low-intermediate to high-intermediate players*

Training themes for the day will focus on finishing and the basic principles of defending, and includes:

  • a series of fun, technical games that can be used for self-training and with small groups of friends so that the learning and fun continues long after the day

  • a light competitive round-robin tournament at the end of the day

  • led by experienced staff including senior and youth trainers 


  • Indoor shoes, flats or turf & shinguards

  • A full water bottle. We will have jugs for refills

  • Snacks and a light lunch

*What's an intermediate youth player?

Low-to-high intermediate players can close-dribble with speed and confidence, maybe even win most 1v1 situations. At the upper range they can juggle at least 20 times consistently. They can strike a stationary ball with force and occasionally even finish a volley. They know all the basic rules of the game, out of bounds, goal kicks, positions, fouls and maybe off-sides. In short, they enjoy playing an unsupervised game with other competitive players.


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