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Indoor youth soccer clinics

youth clinics

Youth clinics: Amenities

Our clinics help players to master their technique, skills and creativity and to develop an attacking mindset. These are the qualities of all top futbolers.


We offer 2 CLINIC LEVELS to create a pathway from beginner to highest level competitors:

Level 1 Skill & Technique Clinics, and 

Level 2 Advanced Player Clinics  


Our Match-Day Clinics accommodate all levels. They include a warmup with intensive individual technical development followed by an extended session of small-sided competitions.  Combine Match-Day with either program for the ultimate training experience.


Indoor soccer clinics futsal court

All clinics take place at:
150 Bedell Ave, Highland, NY

clinics explained

                      SKILL & TECHNIQUE CLINICS

5 to 8 year olds
All young players start here. Designed for beginner to intermediate futbolers.
Get introduced to futbol the right way! This program builds foundational skills that quickly allow young players to experience the real game. Our easy-to-learn drills and group activities develop proper technique while also improving the players' confidence in a fun, safe and welcoming environment. 
9 to 12 year olds
For middle-schoolers with little to modest futbol experience, or those who have been playing for some time but want to improve their foundational skills.
Players in this program will develop confident dribbling, accurate shooting and foundational game understanding, su
ch as positioning, defensive and attacking tactics.  

Girls-only 8 to 11 and 12+ year olds
Starting with 8 year-olds we offer girls-only training to create a training environment that's right for everyone. Unless listed as girls-only, all of our clinics are co-ed.                        
                          ADVANCED PLAYER CLINICS

7 to 8 years old
Exclusively for advanced players and by-invitation only, this program provides challenging technical and tactical instruction to highly advanced, very young players. All players in this program are expected to exhibit high level ball control. The environment of this program is intense and competitive, while still being age appropriate.
9 to 12 years old
This is our most advanced pre-teen program. Premier level travel and academy players will be challenged in this program.

13+ years old, with Strength & Conditioning option
Our most advanced program for players at least 13 years old, this program is meant for advanced travel and academy level players looking to take their game to the next level. Add 45 minutes of strength and conditioning training to your clinic for a full athlete-development experience. 

                           MATCH-DAY CLINICS

We offer three age-recommended programs within Match-Day, 7 to 9s,  9 to 12s and 13+. All programs include a brief warm-up with individual technical work appropriate to all skill levels, followed by a open play or pickup session of competitive small-sided games. Modest oversight by one of our highly experienced trainers or professional players ensures the games are optimized for their learning potential.

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