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La Finca Futbol aims to inspire the birth of real futbol in the United States.


We want to see the beautiful game played here because we love futbol and it pains us that the US has not done its part to contribute a variant to the beautiful tapestry of this international sport.   

We know that's harsh.


There are over 800 Major League Soccer professionals, and they are all incredible athletes. But our league is ranked 10th in the world! And we think this is because so few of them play the beautiful game. The US has historically rewarded physicality over artistry and our game has suffered because of it.


Strength, speed and force can often win youth soccer matches; they are not the qualities of real futbol.

And so, our solution is to change how we introduce soccer to kids in order to ignite a tidal wave of talent. One or two high-level players won't create the futbol culture we desperately need. 


The US' conventional youth soccer programs do not teach skill development. It's not entirely our fault. The rest of the world doesn't start there either so there is no model for this, but that's because it's not necessary for kids growing up in healthy futbol cultures, where the kids learn skills on their own! 


In the US, we have introduced soccer primarily as a group activity and moved right into team play. Our kids learn the valuable lessons of camaraderie and even the joys of competition, but never develop the skills to become full participants in the beautiful game. 


We at La Finca are familiar with all the popular explanations of America's poor standing in international soccer, there are too many competing sports, it's just not part of our culture, we don't pay the player's enough, it's not commercial-friendly, no pro-rel, and the list goes on. None explain why American teens just aren't that good.


By raising up a generation of high-skilled, futbol artists, we will deliver the talent needed for the US to finally develop a style of play all its own, despite all of its quirks and anomalies, and one capable of competing on the world's stage. 

We welcome everyone to check us out, ask us questions -- we love to talk futbol -- and most importantly, we hope you'll come play.

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